2021 - C-IDEA New Star Award for Hello Papaya Cafe interior design

2021 - Silver A' Design Award in Interior Space and Exhibition Design for Hello Papaya Cafe in SOK Center

2020 - «Exhibitor Awards» GOLD AWARD for Gazpromneft booth design in category: Double-Deck Exhibit

2019 -  «Hong Kong Design Awards» GOLD AWARD for Gazpromneft booth design in category: Pop-Ups, Display, Exhibit & Set Design


Nikolay Yarin is an interior designer practicing worldwide.

He works mostly with commercial interiors in the hospitality and retail design field.

In the interior, He puts functional ergonomics and emotional ones on the same level. It is important not to only create a comfortable and functional place, but also a special atmosphere, the spirit of the space.

Visual and emotional comfort is just as important as a comfortable layout and well-chosen furniture. When he starts working on a project, He looks for points of contact between the functional and the emotional, combining them in one space.

For each interior, Nikolay creates a unique concept that takes into account the existing space, brand characteristics, budget, and implementation deadlines.

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Moscow: +7 903 132 6534

Tel Aviv: +972 53 847 0187

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